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Leverage modern software with XERO & simplify business processes

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Thanks to modern accounting software XERO, streamlining business operations has become much easier. Xero offers a myriad of advanced accounting features and tools built for small businesses. With over 2.7 million subscribers across the globe, Xero can be your trusted partner too!

Did you know Singapore achieved the Cloud Readiness Index score of 81.5 and was ranked #2 in the Asia Pacific region in 2020? Cloud technologies have taken the accounting industry in Singapore by leaps and bounds. The adoption of cloud accounting solutions is consistently shaping the way businesses are conducted. With technology-led approaches continuing to penetrate every aspect of business, it is essential to integrate modern software like Xero into your business processes as well. It helps send, receive, process, and organize valuable business data and tasks in real-time. With XERO, you can track and pay bills, simplify employee expense claims, manage GST returns, and much more.

How are accounting software and tools important for your business?

Before delving into the advantages of XERO, let us comprehend the meaning of accounting software and systems. Accounting applications, systems, or software simplify financial complexities and allow you to monitor and manage the financial health of your business. They can be categorized into numerous kinds, ranging from single entry programs to double-entry systems that offer instant access to reports such as general ledger, income statement, sales tax summary, profit & loss statement, and many more.

Well-structured modern accounting software allows you to cultivate all your accounting systems, programs, and applications under the same roof to initiate hassle-free management of financial tasks.

Top benefits of using XERO for business:

  • Customized online invoice processing

  • Automated data capture and extraction

  • Secured data backup

  • Seamless access to business finances

  • Instant currency conversions with multi-currency accounting

  • Simplified bank connections

  • Organized contacts and smart lists & many more.

We feel proud to mention that D Next Stop is a valued Silver Partner with Xero - leading cloud accounting software that simplifies business tasks. Popular software providers have built connections with XERO to help businesses optimize cost savings and manage business tasks efficiently.

XERO, being in the cloud, has over 1,000 connected applications in its ecosystem. This enables businesses to look for specific areas that need to be improved and synced to Xero for real-time accounting data. Integration of modern software with Xero enables businesses to manage all activities from one platform. An integrated accounting ecosystem helps avoid financial business errors resulting from data transfer from one system to another.

There is a multitude of software that can be integrated into XERO to accelerate business processes. Some of them being Hubdoc, HREasily, Spenmo, and many more.

Top software for enhanced business efficiency

  1. Xero: Online accounting with Xero simplifies the way businesses are conducted. From automated invoicing and data capture to bank reconciliations, Xero has a comprehensive suite of accounting solutions to offer.

  2. Hubdoc: Capture data into Xero automatically without manual data entry using Hubdoc. Hubdoc is a Xero product that automatically imports all your financial documents and exports them into data that can be used. It allows businesses to snap and send paperwork, forward invoices from inboxes, and much more.

  3. CardUp: A Xero connected app, and a no-code platform that helps businesses improve cash flow and automate business finances. CardUp lets your business accept credit card payments directly from your Xero invoices.

Learn about more such leading software here.

At D Next Stop, we believe in empowering businesses with top technologies and innovation to boost their growth. Are you a business based in Singapore seeking modern accounting transformations? Our team can support you to set up and implement the XERO software integration for smooth business operations. Connect with us to discuss advanced software integration that can accelerate business efficiency.

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